Figure 6 from my paper was selected for the September 2002 cover of Bioconjugate Chemistry:

Antisense Oliogonucleotides Delivered to the Lysosome Escape and Actively Inhibit the Hepatitis B Virus.
Keith D. Jensen, Pavla Kopeckova, Jindrich Kopecek.
Bioconjugate Chem, 13 (5), 975-984 (2002). [PubMed] [Link to paper]

A confocal micrograph demonstrating the ability of antisense oligonucleotides to escape from lysosomes into the cytoplasm and nucleus of cells. The oligonucleotide was conjugated to the HPMA copolymer by a lysosomally cleavable spacer ensuring delivery and release of the oligonucleotides in the lysosome. After a 24-h incubation, the oligonucleotide (green, upper left panel) escaped into the cytoplasm and nucleus, whereas the polymer (red, lower left panel) remained inside the lysosomes. Yellow in the lower right panel (combined green and red fluorescence) indicates colocalization of the two components. A transmitted (brightfield) image of the cells is seen in the upper right panel. [Link to paper]

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