High Speed Particle Separation and Steric Inversion in Thin Flow Field-flow Fractionation Channels.
Keith D. Jensen, S. Kim R. Williams, and J. Calvin Giddings, J. of Chromatography A, 746, 137-145 (1996). [PubMed]


The performance of thin (down to 71 microns thick) flow field-flow fractionation (flow FFF) channels was examined at both high channel flow-rates (up to approximately 47 ml/min) and cross flow-rates (up to approximately 11 ml/min). High levels of retention were observed, suggestive of good performance characteristics. Supporting this expectation, four sizes (0.04-0.30 microns) of polystyrene latex microbeads were baseline separated in under 3 min. Nonetheless, a plate height analysis showed that performance was still less than theoretically expected. Fast steric-hyperlayer separations of larger latex beads were observed in the same systems. Furthermore, it was shown that the steric inversion diameter was shifted down to approximately 0.23 micron thus expanding the size range to which this FFF mode is applicable. The steric inversion phenomenon observed using narrow latex standards was shown to be consistent with that found for a polydisperse polyvinylchloride latex.

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